Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching Up...Part 1

It's happy dance time here in my many beautiful plants in bloom! I've been taking daily photos but have not had time to download and blog. Some of these lovelies are done blooming, like the beautiful pink and white tree peonies. But, boy, they sure were drop dead gorgeous for about a week! Many hours spent weeding, but, as you know, that is a never-ending chore. Especially at my new (read: old-like!) pace. Gone are the days of crouching for an hour or two and NOT feeling every muscle scream when you try to stand up! But I can't complain about the weather. It has been mostly great this past week with a heat-wave here and there and even some much needed showers...hey, maybe it was my dancing!!

So as the afternoon light fades, you will find me HERE, resting my achy muscles.
At least for a full 5 minutes! Okay, time's up. Gotta get back to those weeds....


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! I can't just picture myself sitting under that arbor with a book in one hand and a ice tea in the other!

    I love the red white and blue theme in the 5th picture! Great picture for Memorial day!

  2. Wow! What a show you must be having in your garden. All of it looks so nice!

  3. A lot of nice blooms, Lynn! I need to get lily of the valley for my garden! I have a perfect spot for them. My only tree peony bloomed for one week, too. Not long, but gorgeous! For the weeds, this year I am trying Preen(not sure about spelling) and Miracle-Gro stuff that is supposed to stop seeds gerninating. Can't say yet if it works.

  4. Wow, LH, I'm green with envy here! Your flowers definitely are drop dead gorgeous! Love them all.

  5. Very beautiful!! Your garden look so lovely with all these fresh and nice flowers. I have noted your recommendation on frangipani. TQ :-) Sorry that you were not able to leave a message earlier.

  6. Beautiful Lynn - are ya having trouble with working in the garden? All of your flowers look so great. I'm late because yesterday my blogs weren't moving up to the top as a new post was put on by someone. Wonder what's going on.

  7. Wow, it sure is beautiful there! Looks like you have been hard at work. I know what you mean about feeling it more after all the weeding, but it sure is worth it. I love you clematis covered arbor!

  8. What a beautiful garden and you have some of my favorites that I can only dream of. I love your lily of the valley, do you remember the perfume Muguet? I think every little girl should have muguet. I love the peonies and the purple globe flowers which elude me. Excellent.

  9. Jessica, definitely a book in one hand but maybe a glass of wine in the other would be more my style..that chair completely tilts back so a nap wouldn't be bad either..haha! Wow, I didn't even notice the red/white/blue connection...good eye! Good luck with your daisy tree..let me know how it goes ok?

    Thanks, Heather! I'm rushing now take pictures of all that's blooming...soon we will take them for granted but for now, it's still exciting as the garden is so lush!

    Hi Tatyana,
    Someone was just telling me about Preen yesterday and I will definitely try it! On the Lily of the Valley, I am going to be digging up an area that's not really seen, so come fall, I'll send you some pips...really! Just remind me though!

  10. So many gorgeous blooms in your garden these days. I especially love the arbor covered in clematis, is it?

  11. What beautiful photos! I love the lily of the valley. Your arbor looks lovely too, must be a relaxing spot. (I lay on a lounger here in the sun today - I could see all the weeds closer at that angle, so I kept my eyes shut!!)

  12. Ha Xuan and Stephanie, thanks for your visits from WAY across the globe..hehe!

    Hi Linda, I notice Blogger has been troublesome too. Hopefully, 'whatever' will get fixed and it'll all run smoothly.

    Catherine, you're achy too? We just don't think of our bodies getting less able each year..'cause it'll mean we're getting OLD!!

    Hi Laura, thanks for the compliments. I actually don't know of the perfume you mentioned..but I'd love it if it smells like Lily of the Valley blooms...intoxicating. Yeah, I feel for you not being able to grow bulbs (aliums) as they need cold temps to bloom. Come visit me next spring!

  13. Thank you, Robin. Yes, it's a clematis montana...she is sure getting a beat down today from the wind and rain :( !

    Phoenix, you're funny! Out of site, out of mind, right? Especially weeds! All that green to the left of the chair are chinese lantern plants! They've taken over so I need to pull those "weeds"! Glad you got to enjoy the sun :)

  14. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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