Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bloom a little while longer, please!

Four days of 90+ weather and we are in business...blooming business, that is! Dogwoods and crabapples fully matured a week or two sooner. Then a drop of 30 degrees and rain this past week did not showcase their blooms for long. I badly want to get out there and do some planting but, instead, I'm bundled up indoors fighting a cold! I'm determined to get out there today, rain or shine, because I NEED some garden understand, I know you do!

It was SO hot that the kwansan cherry blossoms have peaked and is already creating pink snow...pretty but messy.
The Forget-me-nots came back with a vengeance and are ALL OVER the place!
They sure look great underneath the bleeding hearts.
SO hot that the tulips, green buds one day and fully opened the next...are almost finished!
Little stinker, Bandit, more trampling than tip-toeing, through my tulips...
but he knows Mama won't stay mad for
SO hot that this little guy would want to take his fur coat off.

Anyone recognize these blooms? I found this surprise under the cherry tree but don't remember planting it. Each "flower" is less than an inch tall and has pretty deep cut leaves like an old fashioned dicentra. Odd, but very cute!
I enjoy visitors to my little garden anytime but these guys are NOT welcomed! I spied them early one morning as they were canvassing the yard for their next meal. Sorry, kitchen closed...GO AWAY!
Hope y'all have a great weekend and be sure to get some dirt under those fingernails!


  1. Hi Lynn! Beautiful images! Your garden is full of life. It looks like all the creatures are enjoying it. Watch for those deers!

  2. Hope your cold is better! I've just had one too, first for years.

    Love your photos. Forget-me-nots everywhere are like clouds of gentle happiness!

    I think your 'surprise' is Dutchman's Breeches. If you go on the wonderful blog Riverdaze
    Grizzled has written a beautiful post about them.

  3. I'm so upset. My forget-me-nots have failed to return. Unless I weeded them out thinking it was something else. Ugh.

    Hope you feel better. I'm about to go get some dirt under my nails now. Great day for it here in NC.

  4. Lynn, so sorry you have an old cold. Get well soon. You r pictures of your flowers are so beautiful. Bandit is a cutie and I know why you cannot stay mad at him for long. Sic him after those old deers :-)
    Have a good weekend.

  5. I do love your photos. The colors are so rich. So very pretty. (I think I would like a bandit of my very own.)

  6. You have such pretty pictures of your flowers! They are all so bright and colorful! I hope you feel better, I definitely know what you mean by garden therapy!!

  7. Thanks, Tatyana! Those pesky deer just stare at mewith no fear..even when I clap my hand and yell SHOO! There was a time(when I first moved in) that I loved seeing, not so much!

    Phoenix, thank you for the ID and the link! They DO look like breeches (upside down)! Glad you're feeling better. I work in a very cold (AC to the max) office and between that and the heat we had, I knew it was coming.

    Hey Tom, I'm wondering if you did indeed accidentally pull your Forget-me-nots as their roots are so shallow. Wish I could send you some! It turned out to be a beautiful day too in NJ so lots of weeding done...YAY!

    Lona, I do sic Bandit after them's hilarious to see the little 13 pounder go after something 10 times his size! They run but they always come back!

    I thank you again, Jill, for the info on the mystery flower. Yes, get your very own little Bandit..they are so adorable. But white dogs need maintenance to stay!

    Hi Catherine, yep, got alot of garden therapy in I need chiropractic whole body aches now but I accomplished alot! Hope you did, too!

  8. Wow Lynn! Your garden is fantastic! I am speechless now. I scroll back and forth to see the beautiful blooms again and again. Just very pleasant to see these blooms on a Sunday hot afternoon here. Have a great Sunday and yes, flowers please bloom longer! PS: Bandit really knows how to smile for the camera, so clever!

  9. Hi Lynn, what lovely photos of your wonderful garden plantings. I love every single flower, and agree with the Dutchman's breeches ID. We had the same hot spell here, burning up the tulips in the knot garden, once again. Being late bloomers has pros and cons. They miss the late frosts, but often are marred by the sudden onset of too hot temps. Bandit is a sweetie! :-)

  10. Thanks Stephanie and Frances! As you know, the garden doesn't stay pretty all by Alot of hours yesterday (and 3 this morning before the rain) spent weeding but it does pay off doesn't it? :)

  11. I love forget-me-nots. Your flowers are all so beautiful, and such a variety in bloom already. The seasons are relentless, aren't they?
    Bandid is so cute it would be hard to be mad at him even if he got into the garden. If I ever got a small dog, that is the kind I would get. I love their little white faces and they always seem to be smiling.

  12. Hi, My name is Tina and I just stopped by to ask how you got your for get me nots to grow? I have tried twice and they won't grow. I am starting out with seeds. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? By the way I absolutely LOVE your blog. Beautiful flowers. Thanks so much.


  13. Better late than never? I hope? Your flowers look beautiful and I love the little girl statue. I have to laugh at the deer laying down and I know the feeling of 'use' to clap your hands. Now I can practically 'shake' their hands! Errrr hoofs! LOL Now they are so comfy they bed down for the night here!!!!!


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