Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Color Purple

No, not the movie. Just a post of all plants blooming purple in my yard today. I usually feel my garden is predominately yellow, but, at least in springtime, everywhere I turn, I see shades of purple.

Being the combination of the
and the purple is believed to be the ideal color.

Purple symbolizes Royalty, Magic and Mystery

Surround yourself with purple and you will have peace of mind, for the color tends to have a calming effect....who knew??

So, if your garden lacks purple at the moment, I hope you'll come around..

Even the sunset I captured a few days ago had shades of...yep, you said it...purple!


  1. Oh, Lynn, these blooms are gorgeous! The first rose is so dramatic, the iris is magestic... Purple is a beautiful color, plus they say that deers don't like it. I wish my young strawberry leaves and rose top grows were purple then, because they were eaten, and I know by whom, I saw footprints!

  2. you should link up to my fertilizer Friday is about showing your blooms! Yours if I do say so myself are outstanding!!!! Love the color purple!

  3. What a beautiful post! The rose is gorgeous! I've got lots of purple in my garden and I love it too. -Jackie

  4. Oh I do love purple! It is a calming colour and also inspiring and magical.

    Your flowers are beautiful. I've never seen a rose that colour and the soft bloom on the petals is glorious.

  5. Hi Lynn- you have some beautiful color combinations! Your beds look so full and happy already!

  6. Beautiful Lynn, I love your Allium (I think that's what it is) I really need to get some of that and your rose is a gorgeous color. That Iris is so delicate and I LOVE your fence with the flowers growing up over it.
    Anyone that knows me knows all of my flowers are pink and purple LOL.

  7. I agree, purple is the best color. Maybe the reason I plant so much of it is to keep me calm :) You have lots of pretty purple!

  8. Hi Tatyana, ooh, them pesky deer!! I too saw alot of my new growth on the roses eaten!! This deep plum rose is a floribunda called Ebb Tide...I love it for the very strong clove fragrance! That iris is almost grey in color and would be ick and washed out all by itself but with the alliums in the background, it pops and brings out the lavender tone! Have a great weekend!

    Thanks so much, Tootsie! It's too much pressure for me to keep to a schedule on the memes (like bloom day)so I won't link in right now..but I did pop over and enjoyed all the other gardens on Fertilizer Friday...FUN!

    Thanks Jackie! I can't think of why a gardener wouldn't like purple but I know there are theme gardeners and some who ONLY like pastels so I'm glad you share my love of purple blooms.

    Hi Phoenix, that rose is called Ebb Tide. It's a double floribunda and smells heavenly! The petals look and feel velvety..fully opened, it has shades of red toward the center. I'll try to post an open face later for you.

    Thanks for visiting Heather. We had alot of rain lately so everything is growing like mad..including the weeds! I didn't remember planting so many alliums but I walked around and counted 86! They're different sizes and height so lots of purple!

    Linda, definitely order some alliums in the fall! They are such cheerful flowers and bloom for a long time. The fence was installed the 2nd year we lived here as all the tulips I planted were a waste of time..not a single one bloomed! So up went the fence (6ft). The deer still get in occassionally but for the most part I can enjoy my perennials. It's pvc so no maitenance!

    Thanks, Catherine! I think most gardeners are calm and patient in nature..but maybe it's the effect of the purple flowers...haha!

  9. Hi Lynn, royalty, magic, mystery and don't forget passion! Purple is perfect in the garden. All of yours are just beautiful.

  10. Oh Lynn, that sky shot is so wonderful. Did this sky gave you inspiration for this posting? I love purple! The colour is just mermerising. And the purple rose is so gorgeous and look mysterious as well. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Purple is a wonderful color to have in your garden.

  12. What a pretty purple pallet. I just adore the purple rose. What a glorious sunset.Beautiful!

  13. Yes, Frances, you're absolultely right on the passion connection with purple! Can't believe I missed that

    Hi Stephanie, it was actually all the alliums that inspired my post. I take photos of sunrise/sunsets and just save them...luckily, when I looked, there was that purple sunset :)

    Keewee and Lona, I thank you both for your visit and sweet comments!

  14. I especially love that photo of the dark purple Allium, light coloured Iris and blue flowers. It's a lovely spring grouping.
    Most of my purples tend to be bluish purple or lavender coloured.

  15. I love purple too, and have lots of purple annuals planted for this year. Your purples are gorgeous! I made sure to get a bigger trellis on my mandevilla, thanks for the advice.

  16. Yes, that first rose is outstanding...the shade is so rich! I've missed so much by not visiting you in a while! I'm sure you've had many wonderful posts!

  17. I sure love all your purples, especially that rose at the beginning. What kind is it? I have a lavender rose called Angelface that I dearly love, but it's not that deeply colored.


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