Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road Trip!

What's better than spending a day with good friends? A day spent with good friends at a daylily nursery! You just knew I was going to say that, didn't you? So...with li'l me behind the wheels of the Expedition....we headed west to Pennsylvania. To visit http://www.oakmeadowfarm.com/. What a cool operation..the Chiltons reside right there in their beautiful display gardens of hostas and daylilies.

A warm welcome then we were each handed a pad/pencil and list of over 600 cultivars! A week or two shy of peak bloom but what we saw were great! Enjoy with me some of this beauty...

For the first hour we just 'oohed' and 'ahhed' up and down rows, marking our favorites.
The second hour was spent narrowing down our choices.

This is Siam..she was sweet and followed us about. You know I tend to fall for the brightly colored ones with bold, contrasting eyes.
This is it. This is the one I must have! It's drop dead gorgeous!

'Til I see this one..
Then WHAM! This one hits me! This was on Renee's favorite list.

None of the above are the whites and pastels I was supposed to be looking for...knowing my collection at home is mostly these hot colors, I want them anyway! There's somewhat a lack of self-discipline when I go daylily shopping. Ask my friends...they know!
This peach one was a beauty, but not for sale today.

Notes made on what to order come dig time (Fall) and we were done. Just in time for lunch!

Back on the road..but, wait, that looks like a good nursery. We HAVE to stop. Hey, I'm driving! More daylilies to ogle over. They had a ton of echinaceas, too. This yellow one was different. Val in her happiest surrounding :)
So thanks, girlfriends, for a wonderful day! When's our next road trip?


  1. Oh wow Lynn! Those are lovely! We have 2 neighbors that sell daylilies, but most of mine are from nurseries. I love to see the big clumps of them. Mine from last year did nicely, but they need a couple more years to get bigger. It is an addiction I tell ya!

  2. What a GREAT trip!!! Gorgeous flowers!!! I bet it was really nice in person...glad you took us along with you!

  3. Your daylilies are so beautiful and I love that yellow coneflower. what a gorgeous garden.

  4. Looks like fun. Nothing better than nursery shopping with like minded folks.

  5. What a treat to have friends to do a flower day trip with you. (You've given me a great idea!) And beautiful blooms too; I don't know how you could choose a favorite.

  6. I go nuts when I visit a daylily garden. Want everything.

  7. That's not fair, Lynn. I love daylilies too but could never buy them here, lest alone visiting a nursery that gorgeous!!!
    You're so lucky.

  8. I fall in love with those hot colored ones too. Oh and dont even get me started on the pink ones. I love the pictures of the cones!

  9. I wish I could've joined you! I love seeing the different nurseries, I've never see a daylily nursery. I think you made great choices.

  10. I would be most happy in this nursery too! Beautiful varieties/colours :-)

  11. What a great day trip. Don't ya just love doing that?
    The one you said is drop dead gorgeous I'm hoping will be in the bunch I bought - it was labeled peachy pink and the one below it the rusty mauve color looks like the first one that opened. They aren't named so I'm watching to find out what they might be called. I'll have to visit the link you put on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amazing blooms! I love those peachy pink ones with the darker red centres. What bliss to visit garden nurseries like this!

  13. beautiful!

    thanks for taking us along!

  14. Actually, Brooke, your daylily clumps will surprise you next year by their size...they grow fast! I love the collection you have, but it drives me nuts if I don't have the name to them...an addiction is right!

    Tina, Debbie and DP, thanks girls. It's always the best way to spend the day..I think!

    Sandy, thanks! I giggled over your "10 things I love about being alone" post...cute and oh soo true, especially # 3..haha!!

  15. Thank you for visiting, MNG. Your blog photos are beautiful..that's the best view of 'Bela Lugosi' I've seen!

    Hà Xuân, I actually was thinking how you'd love this place...when you come to NJ, I'll take you! How are your seedlings doing?

    Hi Missy, I did buy one of the pink cones..it was unsually tall and dark...really beautiful.

  16. Thanks for thinking of me, Lynn! How nice! I wish one day I could make it to a daylily nursery!
    My seedlings are all right. They're still in their pots. I worry that they would be in big trouble if I planted them in the garden and then it didn't rain and my neighbor could not find the time to water! I will wait until they are a bit bigger or when it rains more steadily here. It hasn't rained much, you know.

  17. Hi Lynn, this sounds like the most perfect day! Narrowing down the list is the hardest part, but having to wait until fall, oh my! I need instant gratification, buying in bloom and on the spot. Our latest favorite spot, Champions will dig them for us now, wrapped in wet newspaper then a plastic bag. Since we live close by it works pretty well. Lots of watering to get them settled in too. I love your selections of color, whether they were what your intended to get or not. Love the last shot! :-)

  18. Catherine, wait! There's no daylily nursery near you?! It's quite a site when in peak bloom!

    Thanks for visiting, Steph and Sheila!

    Linda, yes, that shade of pink was really different, even the texture and shape of that lily..it's on the to dig list though since it wasn't potted up for sale. I'll find the name and let you know for sure.

    Thanks, PC. Btw, what's your next project...art wise?

  19. Thanks for compliment, Chuck. Appreciate your visit..2 wks. count down for your book. How exciting!

    Frances, believe me, I'm all about instant gratification, too! Just some places do it differently..I'll probably run the risk of incorrect id too...

  20. Oh, how beautiful Lynn! I love the pinks, mauves and cream ones. I also really like the yellow coneflower.
    What a fun day! I will have to check out the website.


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