Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Lucky Day!

I've been spotting hummingbirds every day in the garden, but, after endless tries, I was ready to give up capturing them on film...until today!

Early morning, I am standing here. Wedged between the fence and large clump of monardas. Ooh...nice angle for a picture... I wait, patiently. Suddenly, not one but 4 hummers were zooming about my head! They were diving in and out of a nearby crabapple and playing fun to watch! Of course all the attempted pics in motion were no good!
Next approach~bring a chair, sit, and wait some more (thinking of you, Frances!). They would swoop down every few minutes but by the time I got the camera aimed...gone! Then the battery died....oy!! Quick change and I was back...this time with more luck! All in all, these were the best of the batch.
Bummed I couldn't get more than one at a time...
The dark background here are white pines.
Can't miss him here...

See him? He's well camouflaged here. So....all it took was 2 hours, a lot of patience, a little light-headedness (no coffee yet) and, the best prize, a bee sting on my arm...ouch!


  1. You did a great job catching them.They dart around so fast it is a challenge to catch them.They really like your Bee Balm.
    I found the Rose Blossom geranium in a Select Seed book so I will get one next year.They did not have the seed just the plant. I hope they have it next year.Have a great weekend.

  2. Those are great pictures. They are so hard to get pictures of. I love the picture of it in front of the picket fence.
    They are at the bee balm all the time here, but every time I go out with my camera they leave. The best picture I ever got was a complete lucky shot when one flew to a feeder.

  3. So, was it all worth it? They are beautiful pictures but I know I would not have that patience. Ouch on the bee sting!

  4. Thanks, Lona, yep they were fast! But when I'm! Have a great weekend too!

    So you know what I went through, Catherine! I actually see them all over the place..buddleias, chaste tree, but mainly the Jacob Kline and Lucifer crocosmias. And more so early in the morning than evening.

    Hey, Tina! arm is a little swollen now! But worth it, I think, since I've been trying for weeks! Btw, the sedum leaf totally had a blast! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Congrats !!!
    Hard to capture those little buggers.
    You have a family of 4 in your yard ?
    Now that's GREAT !

  6. I guess that's what I'll have to do to catch a photo this year, as they have been ignoring my feeders. I'll have to set up shop in my chair, camera in hand!

  7. I can identify with you trying to get photos of moving things like butterflies and other critters. I'm glad your patience won out! I enjoyed the whole post and photos. Your monarda is pretty, too!

  8. How lovely!! I do adore the hummers. This year I have not seen any at the feeders but they are enjoying the flowers. Lucky to have 4 at one time.

  9. So cool you have so many hummingbirds! Your patience was worth it! You took great pictures! -Jackie

  10. Wow! thanks for capturing these hummingbirds in action. Really wonderful. I love the second last shot. Beautiful! I hope you had a good cup of coffee after that.

    Btw, that ajuga that looks like purple waffle grows very well too. Once I saw them in a garden using it as groundcover... the colour was amazing... purple bronze ;-)

  11. Lynn, Great job here. I agree with Steph that the second last shot captured the hummingbird beautifully in action. Over here, I hardly find any birds in my garden other than the myna, sparrows or crows!

  12. I love hummingbirds very much. It's a pity we don't have them here in 'Nam.
    I also agree the second to last pic was fabulous. Lovely!

  13. Thank you, Patsi, Robin and Tatyana! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

    Hi Sue, thanks! The bees/butterflies are pretty easy to capture..these guys were tricky so I knew I had to just sit and WAIT ;)

    Missy and Jackie, I was thrilled to see so many hummers, too! I had on a red shirt last week and a hummer buzzed right in front of my face while I was surprised both of us!

    Haha, Steph, coffee AND a big breakfast :)

  14. Lynn, I've just gone back a couple of months on your blog. Your garden is beautiful! I'm so glad you posted a comment on our blog, I don't know how we've missed yours all this time. That won't happen again, I've added you to our bloglist and I look forward to watching your garden grow. :-)--Randy

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  16. Ooo, Lynn!

    your magic
    just keeps unfolding and
    showing us layer upon layer!

    i can appreciate how tricky these shots were...
    but you positioned yourself beautifully and accomplished BEAUTY!

    most excellent, Lynn!

  17. I adore your pictures, never seen a Humming bird. Going back on your posts gave me a great deal of pleasure, such a lovely garden and photos. Your Meadow-rue is impressiv !! 9 feet!!

  18. Great pictures! If I were a hummingbird, I'd be in your garden too :-)

  19. Thank you, Jamie and Randy! It's always fun meeting new bloggers :)

    Chuck, your comments are usual! I thank you!

    Mia and Jacki, nice to have you visit! I'll pop over to see you soon!

  20. What great pictures of hummingbirds!

    I haven't seen any this year... sadly...

  21. Oww... what a shot!!. when you are about to give up, opportunity appears.. These birds look like a cross between a good swimmer and a good glider.

    Happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  22. Great shots! What a treat. I think mine show up when I am not out there because the feeder level drops every day but I never see them. I keep hoping.

  23. Hi Lynn, many congrats my friend! You did well, and I am green with envy with you seeing four at once. Ours are so territorial all they can do is chase each other away. Two is all we see and then they are not feeding, or sitting! Your captures were great, the white fence really helped and the red monarda is such a draw. Thanks for thinking of me and the chair, better than crouching for such a long time, we would not be able to stand up again, ever! :-)

  24. Hi Lynn,
    those are precious photos! I particularly love the second from last!


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