Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things are Looking Up...

Actually, it is ME who is looking UP at things!

'Tis peak bloom time in my garden these few weeks...just like for everyone else ;-) But instead of my usual head-on shots, I thought it'd be fun to experiment with different angles. So...up, down, sideways I looked through the lens. On my knees, crouching, and even thought of climbing on the And focusing mainly on the plants, I hadn't realized how amazingly blue the sky was...until now!

Shasta Daisies, swaying in the breeze, made this hard to capture clearly.
You would laugh seeing me here...on my back, head in the dirt! as these 'Profusion Cherry' zinnias are only 8" high. Dog walkers passing were probably saying 'WTHeck..!" But I didn't care!

Morning Glories in one of the pots I showed earlier.
I was just trying to get a macro shot of the MG...didn't notice the wasp until after...look at the cool center glowing!

Meadow Rue...this stalk is over 9 feet!
Loosestrife...I haven't had problems with this plant being invasive in my garden...yet.
From the sunflower family, an annual 'Melampodium' growing between clumps of Neputa (catmint). Tons of bees here but they left me alone.
Oriental lilies with 'Mary's Gold' daylily.
This beautiful foliage is the reason I love my tri-colored beech.
Many hours and hundreds of photos...narrowed down to just a dozen...phew!
Next, I'm thinking it would be cool to get an overall view of the garden...maybe I will get up on the roof. Well, maybe tomorrow...I still have a kink in my neck!


  1. Beautiful, Lynn. I like the shata daisies shot, it was like they were coming together looking down at YOU! I'm waiting to see the one taken from the roof top! You know you would be careful, right?

  2. What wonderful photos. I love the shastas and zinnias, but my fav had to be the morning glory with the insect. I loved the way the light came through the middle.

  3. The tri-coloured beech is gorgeous! These shots are so well taken. I like the first photo... the daisies lookinng up. Very good angle! And the wasp infront of the MG... and the glow... wow! what a shot!! TQ for taking all these photos. Have another beautiful day and rest well before you go to the roof ;-)

  4. Those are money shots even if you have to lay on the ground. They look great. A neat perspective indeed. That melampodium is one of my favorite annuals. I hoped it would self seed here but no such luck.

  5. Great eye here. Glad I'm not the only one that rolls around and crawls in the dirt taking photos!

  6. Great pictures. It's amazing what you can notice when you look from a different angle. The glowing morning glory is really cool.

  7. What beautiful foliage on the beech. I think the blooms on the Loosestrife are so pretty. I am in love with the blue morning glory. It is always such fun when you are so intent on taking a picture and you later see that you have captured a insect with it. I took a picture of a hydrangea bloom the other day and when I went to upload the pictures these long spindly legs were coming out of the petals. A grandaddy longlegs was nestled in the bloom. Beautiful pictures Lynn.

  8. Ha Xuan, they do look like giant daisies, huh? I will be careful, thanks!

    Mi Missy,
    totally lucky that shot, too! You know how tiny those bugs makes me think he's flying into the Tunnel of

    Sheila, thanks for visiting! I'm hoping to get to Calif. in Aug. and enjoy some of your great weather! Too muggy here!

  9. About the Datura: Some of the gardening bloggers usually do a seed exchange in the fall. This is one of the seeds I will be offering if the seed pods are anything like last years. Let me know.

  10. GREAT shots! The morning glory is awesome

  11. Hi Stephanie, thanks, though you may get sick of seing pics of the tri-colored beech!

    Tina, I appreciate your comments! I love melampodium for containers too. If in ground, they will grow 3 ft. tall and, fortunately, reseed everywhere for me. They do come back 'late' so maybe you accidentally dug them up w/o knowing...

    Haha, get down and dirty, it!!

  12. These are really lovely images! Your meadow rue looks great...mine did not get so tall this year...might need more sun.
    GartenGrl at
    Planning Plants to Plant

  13. Your angles are lots of fun, and so many pretty things blooming! I especially like that MG shot with the glowing center. Awesome! Thanks for asking about hubby, he's improving day by day.

  14. Love your pics. I had Morning Glorys a few years back and yours make me want them again. Beautiful pictures of amazing plants.

  15. Your flowers are beautiful!! The way the morning glory is glowing is so cool! Kristen

  16. Ooo, Lynn...
    these are masterful photographs!
    and designs ...of perfection!

    love the underside of the daisies, especially!
    sweet angles!

    always... lovely!
    peace~ Chuck

  17. What a fun post! I came here from KeeWee's. What I was told about the purple loosestrife is that the seeds get in the water way and cause problems where they end up. It's illegal to let it grow in Nebraska, and I was disappointed, because I love the flower, and would have been willing to keep it deadheaded.


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