Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost Lost it All!

LOL..don't panic!...not as bad as it sounds...

Playing with Blogger template, and wasting endless hours yesterday, I was trying to add some cool features I've seen out there. After copying and pasting and making the changes, I hit "Edit"...and the screen went blank!! Can you imagine the drop in my stomach? Not to mention all the *unmentionables* I screamed! Scrambling to hit the back arrow...not sure why...BUT it worked!

Changing the background color and layout wasn't the problem...I was trying to be artsy and add some fun features...oh well! Blogger has been strange lately, too. The "Follow" widget isn't working for me and a few of my links don't load properly....anyone else having issues?

So the result..no change! I'm just thankful I didn't accidentally erase the whole darn thing!

Back to the garden...here's what's blooming today ;)

Blackberry Lily...

Queen of the Prairie...

My 3 in 1 shot...

Anyone know of a good how-to site? I'm clueless when it comes to HTML codes! I can laugh about it now, and have more or less given up....at least for the moment. Better luck next time!


  1. What camera do you have Lynn? Amazing pics.

  2. Lynn, sorry to hear about your blogger troubles... glad all is well!

    Your pictures are amazing, just like AJEYA RAO said! I love them all, but my favorite is the one with the cone flowers and the white fence in the background! Awesome!

    Oh, your little dog is so cute!!! Is it a bichon frise?

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I've added you to my RSS reader so that I'll be able to see all your updates!

  3. Aiyoh, the darling dog is so lovable and cute. I want to see more of him/her. Does he chase after the butterflies? About being adventurous in blogger formating, I also personally experience some heart stopping moments.

  4. just READING
    that we may have lost you
    scare me, Lynn!

    and yet you come back with one of the best posts of all time!

    beautiful world ya got goin' on there!
    thank you!

  5. I am loving all that color! You have to be careful with all that HTML stuff. LOL--Randy

  6. All your photos are so wonderful of the pretty blooms. The Queen o the Prairie is so pretty. Puppy look so pretty behind the bright zinnias.

    Html is foreign to me also and I always sweat bullets when changing something. When I widened the page layout on mine I was a nervous wreck.
    Glad you have it all back but I am not getting your three in one shot.

  7. Your garden is so floriferous. I long for mine to look so good.

  8. I can imagine, what you could have done if the whole blog was erase permanently by accident!!! unimaginable........

    beautiful flowers...,

    ~ bangchik

  9. Gorgeous blooms today! I'm having trouble with the Follow feature in blogger too... first time I've had an issue with it. I want to change my template but I'm too chicken that something may happen. I need to create a test blog and mess around in there where it would be safe to make a mistake. -Jackie

  10. Gorgeous flowers as usual there!! Love the three in one shot.
    Someone told me to have a test blog and try out all the new features there first. You can have it hidden on your profile and then you can try different features without risking your real blog. That's what I've started doing, once I have it figured out I change my real blog. The followers widget wasn't working the other day on a lot of blogs, so it' probably a Blogger issue. Good luck with it, I'd freak out if the screen went blank too.

  11. Ajeya, thanks for visiting...I use an Olympus Stylus 1020. It's a compact digital that has great macro features. Fairly new at 4 months so I'm still figuring things out.

    Hi Toni! Bandit looks like a bichon but he's a breed called 'coton de tulear'. He's the sweetest 4 yr. old fur baby ever! Thanks!

    Autumn Belle, uh-oh, what happened with you? I am sooo glad I didn't lose my whole account!

  12. Lol, Chuck, scared me too! Hope everything's going great for you!

    Thanks, Randy! Yep, it was all gobbledygook to me..maybe I should keep practicing :)

    Lona, your link is in and out all the time for me...so frustrating! The three in one shot just meant I (luckily) captured the butterfly, bee and baby bee all about the same flower...

  13. Lynn, I think we have that blackberry lily here too. But the blooms are much smaller. But was it a very close close-up shot? Btw, that 3-in-1 shot is awesome! The flower must have been so sweet for both of them ;-D Happy gardening!

  14. Wueen of the Prarie looks very much like liatris, and apparently attracts butterflies as much too. Can't help you with Blogger, I am absolutely clueless about HTML. I just use the basics at Blogger and heck with anything else involving HTML.

  15. How scary is right! The test blog thing sounds like an excellent idea. It seems there should be a warning window that would prevent deleting the blog to prevent those bad accidents! What a beautiful batch of daylily blooms! Your Queen of the Prairie makes me want to give it a try. Seems I read it needed alkaline soil and we are acid here. But sometimes things will adapt.

  16. All that beautiful color...WOW !!!
    My Blackberry lilies didn't bloom this year...odd year.
    Your puppy looks like she's a queen. Too sweet.

    Yes, blogspot keeps changing my font size for post title. Maybe it's because I type in my own font for posts and it gets confused.

  17. Your cone flowers are so pretty. I THOUGHT I had some pink ones, but apparently I was mistaken. So I dug a couple of clumps from my friend's place at the lake and will see if I can get some going here. I like the solar lights. Our back yard was very dark. These don't shed a lot of light but at least they are there & give outline to some beds. Yeah, I forgot to trim my mums back by July 4. So I did most of them much later. A couple already had several blooms, so I just let them go. I noticed at the lake yesterday that there were some OTHER people who hadn't trimmed theirs back either. Oh well! Hopefully the ones I trimmed late will still bloom this fall.


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