Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did Someone Wish for Rain....?!

Raising my hand...guilty! Yep, something about "rain, rain, come back and stay awhile..."

Well, guess did! for over a week, we had overcast skies, heavy humidity (ew, ew, ew!) and rain! There was actually a tornado warning in my town! Yep, the torrential downpour was accompanied by hail the size of marbles! Not to mention power! I'm changing my mind (hey, it's my prerogative!) and would like to order sunshine!
Mainly because our deck is getting a make-over and almost daily showers have not resulted in
much progress. Even had showers under bright blue sky...strange!
But not having to water the garden was a plus...Of course, this means weeds are rampant..isn't it amazing how fast they grow! I completely cleaned this bed of vincas just last month! Black-eyed Susies are lush, lush, lush! The view from my desk is a sea of yellow. Flip side...daylilies are suffering! The blooms cannot hold up and some of my late varieties open and close in mush-mode...not a pretty sight! I'm still out there every morning with my camera...catching some really cool visitors. For some reason, he reminds me of the talking "Geico" in this is this bug??

More yellow!

Extra points if you see the two butterflies...
Due to all the beetle damage, I trimmed this 'Knock-Out' way back. This is her third flush of blooms for the season...easy plant!

So true how weather can affect one's mood...I've been feeling kinda blah...Maybe I'm coming down with something...or maybe just in need of a vacay!

All of you, enjoy your weekend!

Update: I see sun peeking through! Arms up again, head tilt back...BIG SMILE!


  1. The view from your office is SO awesome. I'd spend all my indoor time there I think.

  2. OK when you saunter out into your yard give a little whistle, a bird lands on your finger and all of the wooodland creatures great and small form a semi-circle around you...yes? :D

    I think the rain may be my's following me this year.

    Peace - Rene

  3. Uh, Tina, I spend wayyy too much time at this darn desk! See, should be doing something else right now :)

    But of course, Rene! Whistling and singing Snow White style..LOL! So I'll try to get a hold of you in SUNapee...?

  4. I want, I want rain!!! Love your pictures with a sky on the background!

  5. Beautiful pictures even in the cloudy skies. I know I saw you wanted some rain. I send it and now you change your mind ;-)
    Your riot of color out your window is just the prettiest sight.
    I know you are all goofy over lilies so I saw a mention of this place from another blog and when I saw the great sales he was having I thought of you. I do not know enough about lily prices for the different ones but it looked pretty good on some of them.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Tatyana, I took a ton of pictures on these dark days and it got kinda depressing after a while. Next batch will be more cheerful :)

    Well, Lona, can't a girl change her mind? I've yet to order daylilies from this site..thanks for the link! Actually visiting a nursery in VT next week that I've ordered from..can't wait! Thanks, Lona!

  7. Lynn, I do agree that the window view by your desk is very very beautiful. I won't be able to do any work if I sat there. I'll be daydreaming most of the time. Wow, there's even have a colourful bug to match your lovely lilies. By the way, I can't help being such a busybody, but what are the butterflies doing?

  8. i see 2 butterflies!
    and i see the Geico gecko!
    where do i cash in my extra points?

    i love the view from your desk!
    so tranquil, inspiring!

    beautiful, as always, Lynn~

  9. What amazing photos! The view from your desk is lovely. I hope you get some more sunshine. We've had masses of rain here too and the house is always full of umbrellas drying, looking like giant mushrooms!

  10. Autumn Belle, thanks, the prayin' mantis was an easy subject..he actually posed for a few minutes and really let me zoom in! Um..the butterflies are doing what they do best..drinking

    Good eye, Chuck! We can bank your points 'til I figure out the best prize!

    Hi Phoenix are you? Nice to have you visit. Now I'm laughing at the giant mushrooms ;)

  11. Your deck view is quite lovely, I'm jealous! I wished for rain too, and almost got too much! My lawn is growing way too fast, and I have to cut it every four or five days. But it sure looks good!

  12. Love all those black eyed susans!! They are such cheerful flowers.

  13. You can send some of that rain my way. We've only had a few spotty showers, but nothing of any real consequence for a month now. I water different parts of my garden daily just to keep it going and the grass is brittle and yellow.

  14. You have a very beautiful garden!

  15. the praying mantis shot is great! and I am so jealous of all your black eyed susans!

  16. I love your office view shot, raining or not you have a beautiful view! I'm hoping we'll get some rain since we haven't had any all summer, but only in the evening while we're asleep. To bad we can't schedule the weather around our plans!

  17. Hello Lynn! Lovely garden in spite of the rain. That little green visitor look cute though I will never want to hold it he he he... oh yes, Ha Xuan really has lots of interesting plants. Many thanks for recommending me. I hope that the weeds are not too plenty for you and have a happy Monday!

  18. Lynn, you have the perfect office view! Susans are my most favorite of all flowers. --Randy

  19. we have had nothing but rain here for 4 days now. My garden looks like a mess that needs mowing and weeding! Not to mention dead heading!

  20. Thanks for the beautiful view for flowers struggle to grow in our part of Wyoming. I particuliarly love Susans. I think it is their sunny attitude. Each morning I too check my garden, though it be a vegetable garden, for visitors each day. They have begun to facinate me.

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