Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The New Me!

Hi! Since I'm kickin' off a new 'blog year', I thought I'd change my look a bit. Anyone notice??? The black background really makes the photos pop...but is it too much? Some of my local friends like the green better. Let me know what you think....

I've also added some music to the blog. Be warned! It's not your average soft, soothing tunes that you associate with nature and gardens. Definitely Not! ZUMBA is the work-out craze using moves from tango, salsa, samba, belly-dancing, reggae, etc. Infused with latin, indian, hip-hop (and even country!) music and you'll have the best cardio work-out of your life! If interested, email me and I'll send you a video. It's music that gets me moving and grooving when I'm working in the garden. You gotta bend and pull with attitude, right?! So, if you want to bop along, turn up the volume!

Ready for what's blooming?

First up...a hardy hibiscus. Sorry, not sure of cultivar. I know this would drive Mr_Subjunctive crazy...yes?! ( Not quite dinner-plate size but pretty close. Rose of Sharon still blooming strong. I limbed up the trunk so she's more tree than shrub-form. The red veins are amazing! This guy was so pollen-drunk that he passed out! The lens were right on him and he didn't even budge! Had to really contrast the colors to bring out the specks of pollen...just wished it was a tad more clear. 'Pardon Me' daylily...offering her last blooms. Cool how the anthers are even red-tipped.
I'm embarrassed to show you this. This is supposed to be my pond site. Originally, there were three Alberta spruce along the edge of our patio. HH pulled out two of them way back in June, and, as you can see, these wild trumpet flowers have run amok! There's also wild hops all through it. They are as tall as the spruce! I need to go after them before the seed pods ripen. The blooms are very small and not that showy. But interesting and even pretty up close. Since vacation, I've pulled about 10 barrows of these....only 100 more to! Recognize this shrub, anyone? Often mistaken for a buddleia but it's actually a Chaste Tree (Vitex). One of my first anchor plants 10 years ago. It's at least 10 ft. tall and as much wide. Peppery scent and a bee magnet. This phlox bloomed late since deer really did a nice trimming job back in July... Lavender and Russian about bee heaven! The blooms on this iris is just so-so but the foliage...WOW!I better get back to those dang weeds...and let's hope for a little relief from the heat and humidity.


  1. It's a very nice new layout-most up to date and modern. I always update mine on my anniversary too. Too bad I can't figure out how to get the header photo to fit though! lol

  2. Very stunning new look, Lynn. Wonder how you added the music, huh?

  3. Yes, I like the new look. It sure makes the photos stand out. I think that it is much better than the old one. I love the picture of the bee. It is like it is hugging something it loves very much. And the pollen are like bright yellow jewels on its body. How wonderful. Lynn, you have so many many blooming flowers. I mean your garden is so lovely. Did you manage it all by yourself or someone is helping out?

  4. Nice tour! You have a lot "happening" over there! Your close up of Vitex looks a lot like Nepata - Catmint. Have a great day! :-)

  5. Lynn,
    I’ve always felt black was a nice contrast to show off pictures. You have so many beautiful blooms in your garden right now and the Rose of Sharon is amazing. --Randy

  6. I wouldn't say I'm driven crazy by the Hibiscus. Little jealous, maybe.

    I don't object to the music in and of itself, but something you may not have considered is that adding music slows down the page load speed by quite a bit. It might just be my particular ISP and computer combination, but I thought I'd let you know.

  7. I love that pollen covered bee, hard at work. Your Pardon me daylily looks like it has been lit from within. My Russian sage is always so floppy, unlike yours which is so upright.

    The black background does make photos look good. I find the yellow text on the black colour harder to read though. The white text makes more of a contrast on the dark background.

  8. Wow, what great blooms !
    Pardon Me daylily is stunning,so are the phlox.
    Sooo many them all.
    New header and look is very cool.
    I keep the volume turned off because
    IMHO I find music distracting even if I really like it. Sorry about that.

  9. Thanks, Tina! LOL, we have the opposite wish..I need to scale down the header photo.

    Hà Xuân, click the 'create your own' on the playlist and it's pretty self-explanatory. If I can do it...

    Autumn Belle, glad you like the new me!! That bee looked comfy huh? Oh, I WISH someone helped me in the garden! It's all me, baby!

  10. Shady Gardener, you're right, I hadn't noticed the similiarity of the two before. Very distinct smell on the catmint too.

    Sweet Randy, thank you! meant drive you crazy in that I didn't know the particular cultiver name ;) Regarding the load speed, I don't particularly have any hold-up when I open the page (or other blogs with music)...but I appreciate the heads-up! Feature may go but I'll keep it for a trial run.

  11. Lynn, I like this header, as it is, big enough for the added impact. No need to scale down, I think.

  12. Northern Shade, the Russian Sage is so dense, they kinda hold each other up. I appreciate the feedback on text color..will play with it more.

    Hi Patsi, no need to be sorry, dear. I will be sick of the same songs soon and will probably do the Just fun for the first attempt.

  13. i love that you tossed INXS into the mix!

    when you walk outside
    do butterflies just flock to you?
    you always capture the most amazing angles!
    (Snow White would be wow'd!)

    beautiful world ya got, there~

  14. Your new blog look is great, and so are you flowers! I especially like the Rose of Sharon. I'm not allowed to have one. LOL The neighbors had some back in Michigan, and it reseeded all over our lawn, so hubby draws the line at planting anymore. Darn! It's the only plant he has nixed, so I don't try to fight him on it.

  15. I think it is just perfect! Good evening,

  16. I love the new you. It looks nice. And the bee covered in pollen is a hoot. We use to have them get on our lambs ear and get drunk and stay forever. I hope my Pardon Me looks like that when she grows up.

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog... just dropped over to return the favor, and WOW Beautiful pics!

    I'll be back...


  18. Hi Lynn, I am enjoying the music as I write this comment. The close-up shot of the trumpet flower looks like my desert rose. I did a few close up shots the other day. That bee with those pollen is so funny ha ha ha... I laughed at that picture... oh my gosh that bee is definitely drunk! Have a wonderful day and happy gardening as always! Sorry I didn't post up my wedding picture. Maybe next time ok ;-)

  19. Lynn, I love the black - everything is clear and easy to read and the pictures stand out. You're right - the varigated foliage on the Iris is beautiful. I've seen them before and they are really pretty! Love your Lavender and Russian Sage too. Bee heaven? Do you have lots of bees right now? They're everywhere here and the size of bats! Ewwwwwww. LOL

  20. Yep Chuck, Snow White's got nuttin'
    on me, baby! Haha!
    INXS fan..alright!

    Ms Robin, too bad about hubby's rule re: rose of sharon. They do create quite a mess when the blooms drop but I don't have ANY problems with seedings.

  21. Hi Lynn, I am a big fan of the black background. It does something to the colors in the photos, in a good way! Those pesky weeds are running amok here too. I am building up a low spot under the arbor with them, gives me a place to put them and cheaper than buying fill. I have to admit to turning off the music when reading blogs, I am not good at concentrating even though I like it. I particularly like your combo of lavender and the perovskia, pure genius! Good old Pardon Me, what a workhorse. :-)

  22. Hi Lynn,
    I love your new background! and gold goes hand in hand! ;) I also love the music, i was tapping my foot and swinging my bod while reading your blog. And oh, how I love your photography! ... your framing are just perfect!

  23. I like you blog a ton! Love the music! I'd like a cd of it. I'll email you my addy and thank you for the offer. I've never Zoomb'd--but would like to.

    Your gardens are just incredible and show your hard work. I had hops too and it's out of here! Took me forever to pull it all.

  24. Wow, these photos are great!! I really like the lavender and Russian sage pic - my russian sage also flops. And it's a dwarf Russian sage that's not supposed to flop!! I am inspired by your love of daylilies. I really love daylilies too, but I get hung up on color coordinating. Jungle Beauty (near black with a greenish/yellowish throat) is on my list - not sure if it will be too morose, or will be very cool. I do like the iris foliage too. I always though it would clash (see how I'm hung up on this?) with the actual iris, but I guess most of the season you're just enjoying the foliage anyway, right? Of course I totally laughed out loud after reading your comment on the bee and then seeing that guy all covered in pollen. ha ha ha!

  25. OK, I have to just tell you that I didn't completely close out your blog when I continued blog surfing and noticed I was totally bopping along to the beats when I realized the music was coming from your blog, minimized. How nice!

  26. I like the new look. The photos look great and the background is a good setting for the colours.

  27. Your new layout is very clean and crisp! Your gardens are the intoxicated bee!! My Althea, Rose of Sharon is also tree form.

  28. Wow...the color of your flowers are more vivid with the black background, love it! Your chaste tree is gorgeous...I wonder if they do well here in E. Central FL?

  29. So beautiful!!! Especially love the one with the bee.

    What a wonderful photographer you are!

  30. Thank you, ALL, for your feedback and compliments on the new me! I'm still tweaking things

  31. As I was sending my comment on your most recent post, I realized I had forgotten to say I like your new header photo. I didn't notice the black until you pointed it out, silly me. As far as the music, it was Smoke Gets in Your Eyes until I got to this post, and scrolled down to your list. I clicked on a different song to see if it would change, and it did.

    Congratulations on your year of blogging. I haven't been blogging for a year yet, but have changed my template once, and even on my current one, I've changed the background and font colors.

  32. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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