Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'mmm Baaack!

Back from a wonderful vacation in SUNapee, NH! Oh, but I missed you all! Who knew a week away would cause such blogging withdrawal?! And I got pretty sick I tell ya! Had to take a break though~I had no choice! Internet service in the mountains was hit or miss, mostly the latter!
We lucked out with perfect weather though, for hiking and boating. When I think of New Hampshire, I think of lakes and lighthouses...

Dinner cruise anyone?
The kids had a blast!

A hazy morning here but you can just make out the lake. We ascended around 2500ft. to Lake Solitude. I would have photographed all the cool woodland plants (ferns, mushrooms) but the gang left me in the dust! Hey, these little feet don't go very fast! And it was a very muddy and root-rutted trail.

You just knew I had to include flowers in this post!

And a duck... and a chipmunk...lol! A favorite past-time~reading and relaxing.
Ahhh....you can just feel the peace... And talk about jaw-dropping gorgeous sunsets...
Can you tell I love this little island...so cute!By week's end, I was very sad to leave.
So, 'til next time, Sunapee...
I'll be missing thee...okay, corny rhyme!


  1. Lynn, wonderful pictures! Everything is just great - from water to flowers to sunset, just gourgeous!

  2. Hey! I know this place. And I know that chipmunk, too.. his name is Dave.

    Peace - Rene

    Sunapee is indeed a little slice of heaven

  3. What fun! I bet the weather was gorgeous!

  4. This place is like paradise. Lynn, thanks for sharing your happiness with us. Its so beautiful!

  5. Thanks, Tatyana! I actually thought of your pictures with the flowers and houseboats when I saw these windowboxes.

    Hey! Rene! Nuh-uh..that's Dave's kissin' cousin, Buster...teehee!

  6. What a beautiful vacation and feast for the eyes! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  7. Oh soooo beautiful !!!
    You'll have to speak to the gang next time and stress how important your pics are. ha ha

    Did a lovely post....now that looks relaxing !!Love being by the water.

  8. Lynn, what a wonderful scenic spot. The pictures are beautiful.So pretty! Glad you all had a great time away.

  9. Lynn, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry to hear about the pole beans. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time on vacation and shared it with us. The pictures are wonderful!

  10. Thanks, Darla!

    Hey Tina. Yes, we were blessed with gorgeous weather the whole week! Cool enough for sweaters at night but sunshine everyday :)

    Autumn Belle and Missy..thanks girls, for visiting!

    Haha, Patsi, I did tell them! They were way ahead and under the dark dense trees, I started hearing spooky noises...so no pictures!

  11. Looks so wonderful! Those are just beautiful pictures! You must have had a great time. I am glad you had a fun and safe vacation, what's a few weeds in the scheme of things?

  12. It looks like a beautiful place! I love the pictures, that sunset is gorgeous.

  13. Lovely photos! I like the flowers looking like little pineapples. Glad to hear the happy tone from you. Sounds like you really enjoyed your vacation very much. Have another great day Lynn!

  14. Looks like a beautiful spot for a restful vacation.

  15. That's what we call BLUE... our sea is less blue I think. So good that your family had such a wonderful time...

  16. Hi Lynn, that lighthouse photo is amazing! I have never seen water that color before, so crystal pure and clear. It looks like a great time and getting away from blogging is a good thing sometimes. Lets new ideas form when we come back to it. Reading is such a treat and thanks for the red white and blue! :-)

  17. Hi, thanks you all for visiting! I really enjoy hearing from you!

    Steph, that purple 'pineapple' looking flower are wild thistle blooms..they were everywhere!

    Hi Frances, funny after I took the light house photo from a boat ride, I came across an identical view on a post-card in town..totally made my day! Great that you noticed the RW&B details!

  18. Bangchik, the deep blue of the water is beautiful, isn't it...depending on light and time of day, the shade changes from green, brown and even pink..like the sunset.

  19. Such a lovely vacation spot, but sorry you were sick! What happened?

  20. Darn, lived in MA most of my life... never went to Sunapee... Looks like I really missed out!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  21. Ahhh...

    exquisitely captured, Lynn!

  22. LOL, Robin..I meant sick from lack of blogging..haha

    Yep, too bad, Toni...next time ;)

    Ahhh...thanks, Chuck! Is my name in the hat yet?

  23. That is a beautiful place. I love to read, too, but mostly it's been on my break at work. I must be more addicted to the computer than you are, if you are still finding time to read.


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