Thursday, August 13, 2009

Field Trip~VFF!

A day out of vacation week, I took a trip to Vermont to visit George and Gail Africa at their nursery, The Vermont Flower Farm. The 2hr-drive on back country roads was a beautiful one and I couldn't contain my excitement as I came down the hill and saw the beautiful patchwork of colors. It was a cool morning so perfect for browsing and ogling. What a hard working team, the progress they've made at this new location in such a short amount of time is truly impressive! Mixed borders provide a colorful welcome as you pull in.

Every morning, Gail presents a display of what's blooming. Isn't this a great idea! No guessing on what color or form your daylily will be. This is only one of two large tables!
A whole field of daylilies...pure heaven!

Notice how each row is well labeled.

Here's Gail working hard digging up clumps from my list. I kept her busy! With so many different types of perennials available, I still concentrated on my main addiction. A total of 9 new beauties lovingly called my name.
Like the pretty pink with dark eye zone up front, Mardi Gras Parade. I had to really lean down to hear her call as she's still very young and small (Siloam in her bloodline).

Some other favorites that VFF provide.
El Desperado Niles Crane-which I mail ordered last fall and has done beautifully this season.

Always Afternoon Pandora's Box and Bela Lugosi (in background)
Silly me~I had not, for one second, given any thought to how I was going to squeeze the plants in along with kids and luggage for the ride home...OOPS!! I would've been ok leaving a kid or some dirty clothes behind...just kidding!
So, if there's some of you who still haven't given daylilies a test run in your garden, this is your year! With end of season sales going on NOW, it's good incentive to give these awesome blossoms a try. Just be sure to pick an Early, Mid and Late variety to maximize bloom time. You won't be sorry! And if you become addicts, like some of us, (God help you!), I'll even be happy to take the blame...teehee!
Please take a second to visit George's wonderful blog under my Links...the last one.
Thanks again, VFF :) See you next time George!


  1. This nursery is a gardener's paradise. There are so many daylilies in various colours. Lynn, now I am thinking. Can I plant daylilies successfully here in the tropics?

  2. What a kaleidoscope of color! Thanks for the tour! :--)--Randy

  3. Wonderful, Lynn! The table with the blooms is VERY impressive!

  4. I think it's funny that there is a variety named Niles Crane. Is it as finicky and delicate as it's namessake... :)
    Thanks for the fun field trip Lynn. Looks like you had a great day.

    Peace -Rene

  5. Those daylilies are indeed heavenly. Oh those colors ... So beautiful.

  6. I wish I had gone with you to the gardens. Wow what a place and they dig it up for you. I planted day lilies in the late spring and they didn't do anything. I suppose it was the time of year I planted and I had bought each one on clearance. I am going to give it another try.

  7. Wow! Both you and George really have very pretty daylilies. After looking at above beautiful pictures of the nursery, I went to click on your label 'daylilies' and go through again all your posts... your daylilies are as beautiful! You have definitely made me think of this flower now :-D

  8. Autumn Belle, the very first daylilies cataloged and studied were native to China, Japan and Korea so I'm positive you can find varities that will thrive in Malaysia. Please do a search and let me know!

    You're welcome, Randy :) I know you and Jamie love them!

    Hi Tatyana, isn't it?! That's dedication and love!

    Rene, girl, you're always cra-kin' me up! lol!! He's actually not THAT delicate, will survive in pretty frigid temps!...but this Niles Crane is a pretty snazzy the namesake! Hmm..wonder if there's a Frasier daylily?

    Thanks, Blossom! I owe you a visit..see you soon!

  9. Hi Becca, yes, please try again. Do you happen to know the variety you planted?

    Thanks, Stephanie. I'd never had daylilies up 'til 3 yrs. ago. They've become such a passion for me..the reason why I started blogging...I'm a nut huh??

  10. What a beautiful and fun place! So appreciate that we could visit too thru your photos! Where are they in Vermont?

    Vermont is such a pretty place! I always loved going to Vermont Country Store!

  11. Wow, you must have been in heaven !
    Never knew there were so many different day lilies or that they had different bloom times.
    Great tip on selecting them.

  12. Hi Toni, VFF is located in Marshfield, VT. Yes, a beautiful place, indeed!

    Patsi, if you plan correctly, you can have daylilies bloom from May thru Oct (in our zone). There are over 60,000 (no kidding!) named cultivars! My collection is up to 80 so I've got a long way to go..haha!

  13. My mom surely would love to visit that garden of daylilies. She has a few hundred varieties but there is always room for a few more! Beautiful post.

  14. Oh Lynn, I wish I had been there with you! The table top display is pure genius! Your choices are wonderful, I have Pandora's Box and Bela. I love the dark eyes too, and all the Siloams have been excellent. So sad our season is over, but still a good time to add more. That nursery is just fab! :-)

  15. Hi Lynn, lucky you! I love George's blog, and if I ever make it back to NH the nursery is on my list of places to go. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  16. How wonderful to be able to go visit a fellow blogger. Gail's idea to put out those blooming dalillies is great! They've done so much work and it shows.

  17. oh my god. I love this place!! I love how there's a table with labeled blooms and that they dig it up for you. Twice, I've purchased the most beautiful blooms (I thought) through catalog, nursed them for 2 years until they finally bloomed, only to find they sent the wrong color. Now mind you, I love day lilies too, but in a very small garden like mine, I only have so much room to play around with...

  18. What a fun place, I'd be in heaven! It's just beautiful there!

  19. someone
    was in her

    yeaaa for you!

  20. Oh, I remember now, Sande..your mom is daylily nut too! I'm catching up to her count..slowly!

    Frances, I'm sad your daylily season is over! But, man they sure gave their best show for you! I have a few (planted last fall) that still haven't produced scapes...a much later variety or too young a plant?

    Linda, I wished your garden had the sun exposure needed for these beauties...glad you know and love George's blog!

    I agree, Tina..on all three points!

  21. Ah, Wendy...been there, done that! That's why I ONLY buy daylilies in bloom now. You know that Special Deal of 10 different plants for $20...NOT!!! They were mostly orange, and orange! For your garden, try them in pots. Thanks for your comments on older posts :)

    It was fun...I was in HEAVEN, Catherine!

    Yep, Chuck...that would be ME!

  22. Lynn...I think I would have left the dirty clothes on the side of the road to make room for my purchases. Keep the kids, they can carry things.....whenever I head to a nursery that specializes in daylilies my husband ups the line of credit because he knows, he knows. Siloam is one of my favorites. But I like the looks of Niles Crane, great contrast. Take care....Heather

  23. Lynn what fun you must have had - a great place to go. WoW! I know Daylilies are on my wishlist now that I got a few and have seen so many in the colors I love. Now to decide which ones. I'm sure I'll have to have a Niles Krane just because I'm a Niles fan! LOL Beautiful pictures great post!!!

  24. a daylily museum! how fun is that? lol
    we have a similar farm in our area called Iris Garden but they propagate daylilies, peonies and coral bells too. it's in one of my older post.
    last year a friend and I started collecting daylilies because we just love 'em but unfortunately, deer love them too so until i'll find out a way to deter them, I'll just keep visiting your blog and enjoy yours! ;)

  25. Hi Lynn,
    I'm back... i have a question if you don't mind, i am having problem with my header and noticed yours is perfect, how did you do it? You can email the answer when you have a chance. Thanks.

  26. I am quickly becoming an lily addict!

  27. I forgot to tell you I enjoyed your photos in your anniversary post. I always do, though, and this post is awesome, too. I was tickled to see a couple I planted in my new area by the curb. Bella Lugosi, and Mardi Gras Parade. We really have something to look forward to next season!


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