Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catching Up....

Black-Eyed Susans are still looking decent in my garden but, come mid-August, everything else is waning. I'm eager to trim most perennials way back and start making room for fall mums. The week of rain we had before vacation and the week after of catching up on household and kids' 'stuff ' have put me way behind schedule.

Some of these photos are from my July file...just to give you more viewing variety.

The texture on this Lilium 'Black Beauty' is quite the green starburst center.
I love this reseeding verbena for it's height and airiness look. Check out Catherine's much more beautiful photo of this annual here
Well deserving name for this beauty....'Aztec Princess' daylily.

I planted these blackberry lilies in early spring before the rose of sharon leaved out so they're actually being supported by the shrub...did I plan this? Absolutely...hehehe! One lone cicada spotted on this white dahlia. He's huge but cool looking, no?
'Honey Perfume' floribunda. Apricot-yellow buds mature to a soft cream. Planted bare root late this spring so she's blooming later than usual. Scent wise, she definitely lives up to her name! Bright Sunset's last few, but beautiful, blooms. Nikko Blue hydrangea did not perform well this year. Though the shrub is ginormous, I have but 3 heads of blossoms. Maybe time for dividing....? 'Autumn Minaret', a very late blooming daylily. At 6 1/2ft tall, this H. altissima hybrid comes from the father of daylily himself, A.B. Stout. Not very showy but, I love the cinnamon dusting. Supposed to bloom through September....we'll see. It's just 6:45am, a time when it's usually bright out, but, this morning, the garden out my window is still in dark shadows, thanks to Big Bad Hurricane Bill. Finally, a whole free day I can devote to the much heartfelt excitement of...what else...gardening! And I won't even mind getting a little wet. Watch out weeds! Here I come!


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  2. Hi Lynn

    Wow, that "Black Beauty" is really unique. What a star. You have so many beautiful blooms, but this one must stand out amongst the rest.

  3. Black Beauty is gorgeous and so is your Rose Of Sharon. I need to go up and plant my Daylilies that are still in the pots. Can't seem to work up the energy to dig those holes. ;-)

  4. I also had to stop and comment on 'Black Beauty.' I've never seen anything like that before. Very cool.

  5. Lots of pretty flowers this morning! You really put together such pretty combinations - planned and unplanned. I love the blackberry lily, I'm adding them to my wish list. Doesn't 'Honey Perfume' have a delicious smell, and the colors it has are so pretty. I'm hoping I get another bloom on mine before fall takes over.
    Thanks for the link, I just love that verbena :)

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love that header photo!

  7. Hi Heather, this IS a cool flower. The petals open like a Stargazer then slowly recurves completely back. You should give it a try and order the bulbs this fall.

    Linda, this is my favorite color of Rose of Sharon. I also have a double purple but it's just eh...
    Daylilies are easy in that they'll survive in pots over the winter, just make sure to water. I had about a dozen I didn't get to last year and they were fine.

  8. Thanks, Mr_Subj., speaking of 'plastic', this lily has that rubbery look and feel to it! Very much like Turk's Cap lilies but this was so cool with the green center;)

    Honestly, Catherine, there is no planning or color cordinating on my part...just where there's room to dig a hole. I'll post what the blackberry lilies look like when the seed pods ripen.

    Thanks, Tina! I accidentally erased the last header photo I used (which had the nice garden sign on it)when I was messing around...oh well! This one's kinda blurry but I thought it would catch your eye ;)

  9. Yes, I like the black berry lily and rose of sharom combo picture most. Jiminy the cricket looked green and 'transparent'. What's he doing here? Nectar again?

  10. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I have eyed 'Black Beauty' for some time in the wish books and I adore it! Your picture is better than the magazines.
    And I really love your header. Those dark daylilies are wonderful. I bought/traded for about 10 new daylilies this summer and look forward to the blooms next year.

  11. My eyes would be opened widely if I see that cicada. I have not seen this insect for such a long time... cool! I find that the hydrangea is cool too. Yesterday it suddenly got so so hot here that some of my plants got sunburn. So, it is so nice to find so many beautiful blooms here. Oh, do you think verbena could tolerate heat? You have another wonderful day at your garden yeah.

  12. I see I'm not the only one behind in things. I'm glad you didn't have much damage from the hurricane. I enjoyed your photos. I don't think I can pick a favorite bloom. That combination with the blackberry lily and rose of Sharon is cool, and the cicada photo is awesome! You can see all the details on it!

  13. Autumn Belle, if there were more Jiminys (cute!), I'd been worried but he was by his lonesome so I don't think he did much damage.

    Hi Missy, hope you'll order the Black Beauty when you order bulbs this fall. They are not terribly expensive and the blooms last a long time. 10 new daylilies...yippee!!

  14. Hi Steph, this verbana is a perennial in warmer climates (zone 7-11) so you'll probably do ok with it. The stems have a sandpapery feel to it and as tall as it gets, it doesn't flop. It WILL reseed, whether you want it to or not. I put them in mixed pots, too. Hope your sunburned plants will be ok, it was HOT here, too!

    Hey, Sue! yep, we were lucky! I (happily) cleaned 5 out of 12 beds so finally, a little progress ;) The details on the wings of the cicada looked like gold threads..really cool!

  15. Hi Lynn, I am loving your late summer showing! Aztec Princess is a darling but I have to say the tall drink of water Autumn Minaret is to die for! Love the color with the susans. This one is perfection. Thanks for the idea with the blackberry lilies too, they are so floppy, they need a sturdy companion! :-)

  16. Thanks Lynn for the info on verbena. I have seen prairie verbena here in small hanging pots. I would watch out for this plant at the nurseries ;-)

  17. Wonderful!!!
    all are so beautiful!

  18. every picture is absolutely stunning I want to come hanging out in your yard today too !

    The plant you asked about is an Iresine Blood Leaf ~ Blazin' Rose this is my first year having it and unless you keep pinching it back it gets really leggy.
    Have a fun day ~ hugs, Cherry

  19. What a beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks, Frances! I'm still drooling over your melon..and waiting for a slice...

    Zindagi, great to hear from you! Good luck with the transplants ;)

    Cherry, I'm open to visitors anytime ;) But you can't just hang, I'll put you to I'll make ya lunch! Thanks for the iresine info ;)

    You're welcome, Dawn, thanks for stopping by.

  21. I loved all the photos...except the
    your photography skills are outstanding...I guess the gorgeous flowers in your garden makes it easy!

  22. Beautiful late-summer blooms Lynn! They're all lovely, and Honey Perfume is just scrumptious.

  23. Thanks, Chuck!
    Really excited for you on the book signing date this weekend ;)

    Tootsie, you can't garden and not like!
    I don't mind most...except snakes!

    Hi Linda, thanks for visiting! I have a bloom of the rose right here on my desk...she is scrumptious...

  24. Wow your garden is July is glorious!

  25. Warm and lucious colors are magnificent.

  26. Hi there Lynn!
    I've eventually returned the compliment and explored your blog - these last days have been hectic! What lovely photographs of beautiful plants!


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