Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Really Does Fly!

It's official! I'm celebrating my 1 year Blogiversary!

My posts are usually short in words...but, today, I'm making an exception!

A year ago, I logged my first entry and sent it out to Blogosphere. Not knowing, or even caring, where it landed or who would even read it. But, today, I'm writing for you! Yes, YOU!

Where did the time go? (obviously, a lot of it spent sitting here at my desk!) There's still so much to learn about blogging Do's (visit your friends often) and Don'ts (not proof-reading before hitting the 'publish' buttton...oops...see!) In a million years, I never thought blogging would engulf (and entertain) my waking hours. Please say you can relate....thank you!

The main reason I started this blog was to journalize my love of gardening. What I grow, how I grow it, why I need to grow it...blah, blah, blah...BUT the blogging experience has brought me so much more than that!

The list of Things I Learned from Bloggers would be a long one! I benefit so much from your wisdom, humor and even the occasional!
Enlarge for diamond dusting on 'Pastel Classic'
I cheerish all the friends I've made, the far away places I've traveled, the BEAUTIFUL gardens I've visited. From the Pacific West Coast to the tip-top mountains of Maine and all the states in between. Weekly trips to Malaysia, India, and even my birthplace, Vietnam, is not unusual. All from the comforts of my armchair. It's amazing, isn't it?! It feels like you're just outside my garden's gate, ready for a quick visit and chit-chat. Iced tea, anyone?
You understand my appreciation (to put it mildly!) for do, you really do!

And it humbles me that anyone, much less ALL OF YOU, visit and enjoy what I have to share.
As gardeners, each of us strives to perfect our craft, and through the world of blogging, we've become, not only better gardeners, but also good friends! I appreciate you all for making this experience so worthwhile for me.
A busy day ahead as I'm delivering a basket of blooms to each and every one of you..enjoy! ; ) Phew...speech over...I'm out of breath!


  1. Awesome! I love the pictures. I glad that you are blogging and sharing your garden with me.

  2. Hi Lynn-
    I love your blog- thanks for visiting mine- Morgan Creek Chronicles, hope you'll come back again, congrats on your first year of blogging.

    Your garden and flower photos are great and I was nostalgic when I saw Lake Sunapee- I used to go there with my best friend growing up, we lived in West Hartford, CT and her family had a house there- we went all the time, summer and winter, millions of fond memories.

    happy gardening

  3. Happy Blogaversary! And thank you for adding such color and joy into my world through your beautiful garden.

    It was a pleasure meeting you as well!

    Peace - Rene

  4. Nicely stated! I'm new to blogging and quickly finding the same thing. I was just commenting on how cool it is that there are people in the world who would give a s*&t about the failure of my carrots, or how my silly little perennials look. It's very cool indeed. I'm glad you're around and happy you're celebrating your 1st year!

  5. Good speech, Lynn. I'm glad I've found YOU! Please keep your posts, always with beautiful photos of bloom, coming. I enjoy every bit of them.
    Long live garden blogs!

  6. Well said Lynn, and of course I readily agree! Garden blogging has taught me so much, and brought me lots of joy too.

  7. Happy bloganiversary! Wow this is a good one. I love all the gardens that I have visited via blogging also. You have a remarkable garden! I like the fact all of my garden blogging friends really shares openly and honestly. I have learnt a lot about gardening from seasoned gardeners like you. So far it has been quite an experience for me since I started blogging in February. Thank you and have a great week!

  8. Congratulations, Lynn. I know how you feel abut the different things blogging brings. In just 3 short months, I've learned so much from so many different people. It's so much fun. Reading blogs has quickly become part of my morning coffee routine (more entertaining than reading the bad news in the newspaper these days). Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

  9. You're sweet, thanks, Holly!

    Hi Maria, I'm glad you have fun memories of Lake Sunapee! I wanna go back already ;) Hey, which eggplant recipe did you end up using?

  10. CONGRATS on your one year Blogiversary! I love this post as it is so enthusiastic and joyful! Great shots too!

  11. Thank you Lynn, & Happy Blogaversary! I'm going to celebrate my 100th blog soon -- that'll be my blogaversary (cause I actually started a few months earlier and only blogged once). Yes, blogging is so much more than just an opportunity to share or rant; you do get so much from it. And I'm happy to be a part of your blog family.

    Thank you for the bouquet of lilies; they're on my desktop here at work today. (Oops! You caught me checking my blog while I'm on break!)

  12. Happy Blogaversary Lynn! We all feel the same way about all the great garden friends we have meet through blogging. To see gardens from all over the world is fantastic. I have enjoyed your postings so much. Your pictures today are so beautiful.Thanks for some beautiful pictures and great postings.
    How is Miss Petunia Doing?

  13. Thanks so much for the flowers! Happy blogoversary and wishing you many more happy years in the garden.

  14. Rene, ditto...kiddo!

    Wendy, it is cool, isn't it! We'll commiserate and celebrate as!

    Cám ơn, Chị,(my vietnamese sister)! It would be awesome to visit you and your beautiful garden one day Hà Xuân!

  15. Happy Blogoversary!! Beautiful pictures.

  16. Happy blogiversary Lynn!!!

    What a beautifully written post with stunning photographs!

    I feel the same way... thank you for expressing it so wonderfully!

  17. Happy blogaversary!
    Very nice speech and beautiful pictures

  18. Hi friends, I'm glad you've stopped to say hello! I dedicate this blog to YOU guys! Have a wonderful day!

  19. Lovely sentiments Lynn! Congratulations on your blogaversary. I'm glad you decided to start blogging!

  20. Happy BlogAnniversary! A gift just for you: a translator on my blog! Thanks for dropping by and "Hips don't lie" is also on my playlist!
    See you soon..

  21. Congratulations, Lynn!

    really happy that you love what you're doing...
    all the while, treating us to the most
    delicious text and photographs!

    diamond dusting - superb!
    the moth/butterfly on the small, white blooms - National Geographic caliber!

    love having you in my world.
    it's an honor~

  22. Sandy, you're welcome for the flowers! Hope you got a chuckle from my comment on the $100 post! Happy 100th post to you!

    Thanks, ALL, for the encouragment and your friendships!

  23. Happy Blogversary! :-) And how did you know I love daylilies so? Beautiful photos, all. Thanks for following - I'm going to return the favor happily.

  24. Really like the new look - it's very chic! And the blog is just great, but you know that!

  25. Lynn, Happy Blogging Anniversary! That's geat. Thank you so much for all the joy you have given me, watching your beautiful flowers, esp the daylilies, from my desktop here, thousands of miles away. I remember very well the most beautiful, real peonies I have seen. I never thought that I can find peonies outside China, not especially so in the US. How ignorant of me. Another ignorant/absent minded thing, I just found this post today! Please slap me to wake me up. Lynn, I'm glad to have found you and your blog since joining Blotanical 2 months ago and I look forward to all your posts. Cheers and toast to our friendship, bottoms-up!

  26. Lynn, I'm sitting here all teary eyed. Yes, yes, I can relate to everything you said! Even now, I should be getting ready for bed, but I just wanted to visit a few more blogs, because I am behind again. (I think we talked about that in your most recent post.)

    Again, happy blog anniversary!


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